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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Tracing people by photos on facebook

Security Researcher 'Rjcrystal Decoder' has found a way to find someone profile id using the link to an image file. He explained how to do this in his own blog post.

This trick will helpful to find a person who uploaded image file to facebook by getting the url of the image.  For example:


Here the highlighted one is profile ID of user who uploaded the image. It may look like a simple sequence numbers.  We can get the information of user by using the facebook Graph API.


In our example:

Or you can directly go to the user profile by simply entering the profile ID at the end of this URL:

In our example:



Hi im Salman..

how can we knw the e-mail address of fb user, if he/she hide it from privacy???

Nope you can find the owner of the fb account :)

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